Kevin Lamoureux
Back in 1973 I was 11 years old and was paid $1.00 for every hour I worked pumping gas for 50 cents a gallon. I called my boss "Dad" and for tips I would step on a milk carton to wash windows.
I had the honour of serving in the Canadian Forces for just over three years (Air Traffic Control Assistant).

In 1988 I was first elected to the Manitoba Legislature and served as an MLA for just under 20 years. My roles in the legislature included holding the Government to account for the for the following departments. Health, Education, Justice, Labour, Housing and Immigration.
First elected in 2010 as the MP for Winnipeg North, re-elected in 2011 and 2015. When Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Liberal Party he put me on his House Leadership team once he became Prime Minister he appointed me to his House Leadership Team as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader a title I still hold today.
The House Leadership team provides the support for the Government in achieving its goals inside the House of Commons in Ottawa (budgets, legislation and more).
Quick facts:
- Born in 1962 at the St.Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg.
- Attended school in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.
- Studied at the University of Winnipeg.
- Married and had two children who are both young adults now.
- I enjoy driving my 99 Mustang listening to music and quite time.
- I also enjoy a good movie and watching Jets and Bombers play.
- The picture to the left is of my grade 12 graduation in 1980.

Since leaving the Canadian Forces back in 1985 I have lived in the following communities: Weston, Shaughnessy Park, Garden Grove Tyndall Park and now The Maples.
The picture is of me and my daughter Cindy (MLA) from a few years ago in the backyard of my Pritchard Avenue home.
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