We reversed Stephen Harpers decision and reduced the age of retirement from 67 to 65. People will be able to continue to collect OAS once they turn 65.
More than 1 million new jobs since 2015, and Canada's lowest unemployment rate in 40 years.
A new Minister (position in the Cabinet) to focus on helping Canada's seniors and new investments like record increases to people receiving GIS.
Increasing the Canada Child Benefit to help families keep up with the cost of living while at the same time new EI benefits that give an additional five extra weeks to shared parental leave.
Fighting climate change by putting a price on pollution.
With the new NAFTA agreement- Canada is now the only G7 country with free trade deals with every other G7 country.
Investing in historic amounts of money into Canada's infrastructure including millions into Winnipeg North.
Decrease the Middle Class tax bracket rate while at the same time increasing the tax rate on Canada's 1% wealthiest.
Supporting 40,000 new, affordable child care spaces across Canada.
Protecting are coastal communities and ecosystems with the Oceans Protection Plan.
Lowering the small business tax rate to help small businesses grow.
Building affordable housing with Canada's first-ever National Housing Strategy.
Enhance the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) to give Canadians a more secure retirement.
For the first time ever the Government of Canada has taken steps to put in place a National Pharmacare program, for the first time we could see prescribed medications covered under one program.
Kevin Lamoureux
Healthcare including Pharmacare are important to me and as in the past I will always advocate for quality health care services. News story on the left is from 2009.
Below you will find 15 of many issues where tangible things were accomplished, followed by my priority issues that I continuously advocate on.
I am often asked what are my priorities when it comes to public policy. The following five issues are what I often talk about in the House of Commons and it should be noted that no MP in the last 10 years has spoken more words than I in Canada's Parliamentary Chamber.
Healthcare - Economy - Diversity -
Crime/safety - Income inequality
You will find me commenting on all of the issues referenced on this page please check out my Facebook or contact my office.
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We more then doubled the number of summer jobs for young people. In Winnipeg North that meant we went from 2015 -58 jobs (Conservative Government) to 2016- 122 jobs, to 2017- 137 jobs, to 2018- 199 jobs.